AFEQUIP.COM a division of A F Ohab Company is a full service asset management firm offering the services from recovery to re marketing.  We offer a variety of services to handle your asset in the most effiecient ways. With over three decades of experience we are able to manage all detail and functions in attaining the maximum value in your project.  Please contact us today for a quote on your project.  You may also email for additional details and service package rates.

  • Advertising
  • Appraisal Services
  • Asset Management
  • Comprehensive Market Value Analysis
  • Detail and Clean Up
  • Inspections
  • Lien Filing Assistance
  • Overseas Shipment Management
  • Recovery
  • Re marketing
  • Repairs
  • Storage
  • Title Service Assistance
  • Transportation


Our professional appraisal offers clients a comprehensive value to their equipment.  We use wholesale and retail references to determine the proper value of your equipment.  Our reports are based on global references to pricing around the world.    The reports will consist of the following:

  • Fair Market Value – Installed
  • Fair Market Value – Removal
  • Fair Market Value In Continued Use
  • Forced Liquidation or Auction Value
  • Insurance Replacement Cost
  • Insurance Value Depreciated
  • Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Orderly Liquidation Value In Place
  • Salvage Value
  • Scrap Value

Inspections and Comprehensive Market Value Analysis

Our inspections service consists of over 30 years of experience.  Our network of inspectors throughout North America contains a database of over 100+ inspectors with professional level service.  We use OEM and third party inspectors for the best inspections possible. We offer onsite instant uploads of your assets to our website with client’s portal to review their assets anytime online.  Our list of service we offer is as follows:

  • Aircraft (By outsourced provider ONLY.  We are not licensed for service this directly)
  • Cargo inspections
  • Computer and networking
  • Construction and mining
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fleet
  • Machines
  • Marine
  • Material handling
  • Medical equipment
  • Office and furniture
  • On-Road vehicles
  • Production or manufacturing line equipment
  • Rail equipment or rail related
  • Transportation

Each client has his request for their assets and is treated as the client requests.  Our value concept and approach to your asset utilize different types of approaches. The following are our concepts offered to our clients:

  • Fair Market Value In Continued Use
  • Fair Market Value – Installed
  • Fair Market Value – Removal
  • Orderly Liquidation Value In Place
  • Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Forced Liquidation or Auction Value
  • Salvage Value
  • Scrap Value
  • Insurance Replacement Cost
  • Insurance Value Depreciated



We offer the skip trace and recovery service.   We can handle the entire process from recovery, storage, and disposal of asset.  Contact Sylvia Buckingham at for additional details on our recovery services.


Our re-marketing services include a network of retail dealers and buyers around the world.  Our database of broadcast emails and magazine ads offers the client an ease of mind to retain their deficiency in their assets. 

  • 20,000 broadcast email database
  • Online reserve auction services
  • Global partnering dealer network
  • OEM sales partnerships
  • Trade publication advertising 


We offer onsite and online auction services that are “Reserved” auctions to offer the client the ease of mind on his equipment value unless the client determines that the absolute auction is the best way to proceed. Our auction services are performed onsite, online, or on location.  All auctions are determined by the type of asset being disposed. 

Transportation and Storage

Transportation can be a costly expense in any asset move.  Our modern day networks of using transportation software to minimize the cost of your assets movement are a daily function of our work schedule.  We offer to our clients our network of storage facilities throughout the continent at discounted rates.  We maintain indoor temperature controlled and outdoor secured service to our clients.  Our main storage yard in Indianapolis consists of 5 acres of paved asphalt parking areas. 

Overseas shipment management is an ease with our network of brokers and shipping lines we use for delivering equipment to our buyers throughout the world.  Our buyers are globally located and our experience delivering to our clients are without incident.

Title Service and Lien filing Assistance

We offer the aid and assistance in title and UCR services to our clients for our clients in 50 states.  We are bonded title process agent.  Each state is different and have different rules governed by the stat your asset is titled in.  Our experience for the last three decades brings experience to handle your lien or title filing process and ease of mind.  Please contact for additional information on your title or UCR needs. 


Detail Clean Up and Repairs

Cleaning up and detailing any equipment helps to sell your asset as well as maximize the value of your equipment.  This is usually for the construction and transportation equipment which can be completed at competitive market rates.  Our repair facility offers our clients an estimate to repair your assets to maximize the value of the sale price.  Our in-house rates are usually less for handling the entire process from recovery to remarketing.  Once the asset is evaluated a report and estimate for repairs is issued to the client or approval of work.  Please contact for additional information.

Client Portal Login

AFEQUIP.COM offers its clients a web portal to simplify your workload with your assets in your portfolios.  This portal is FREE of charge to ay or all of our clients. The client portal offers the clients the personalized login to access their equipment reports.  This is viewable in PDF or individual downloads for your records.  The client portal system is a very efficient and important in today’s markets to stay one step ahead of the market and the competition.  Please contact for additional information.

Please contact us at 317-225-4740 or email us at for additional information.  Our staff of professionals is ready to assist you in your asset management needs. 

New Accounts Managers

Sylvia Buckingham
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Glenn Perdue
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Downloadable Inspection Forms 
Please download the above appropriate forms to complete your inspections.  You may mail the forms back to once completed.